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People Are Not Done Worrying About Re...

People Are Not Done Worrying About Retirement Income

A comfortable retired couple? To get from here to there isn’t going to be as easy as we once thought. Retirement funds are still a worry for some of the average working people. Although the economy is on a bit of an upswing people are also coming to realize that retirement funds aren’t just going […]

Who is worried about retirement?

Who is worried about retirement?

Younger people worry about retirement by roger chartier They worry more than the older folk as it stands today. The PEW research center discovered that it is 66% of our population who are worried about funding their retirement plans. Consider that the 66% is up by 12% from back in 2002 just ten years ago. […]

Interest is low – Retirement p...

Interest is low –  Retirement plans must change

Low interest on investments Is what is changing things for retirees who had planned on a higher interest rate on investments. Now things have changed and the interest rates are lowered to the point where you have to re-do the math that you had done 10 or 20 years ago  when you last planned your […]

Too many retirement plans and investm...

Too many retirement plans and investments?

by roger chartier 9-5-2012 What a mess… You have worked for 6 different companies over the years and they have retirement plans and you also have 401K’s and CD’s and IRA’s, mutual funds, etc. Well here is a solution to put into action early on in the game of planning for retirement. Life insurance A […]

Thirty-five% of people won’t ev...

Thirty-five% of people won’t ever be able to retire

by roger chartier 8-30-2012 Well that says it all… Well pretty much but let me elaborate here. 35% of those nearing retirement age will never be able to retire from working at either a full time job or a part time job + more hours when needed. Many will be in the same business that […]

Helen Reddy back from retirement

Helen Reddy back from retirement

by Roger Chartier 7-15-2012 She did it to help the St. Genevieve High School raise money on Friday and Saturday night. Helen Reddy who was living in Australia as a clinical hypnotherapist, for the last ten years decided to come to America and do the musical benefit for the school. She had major hit songs […]

Peter O’Toole throws in the spo...

Peter O’Toole throws in the sponge

Retirement from Acting 7-10-2012  by roger chartier It’s the announcement today in the media from Peter O’Toole who 50 years ago starred in “Lawrence of Arabia”. At age 79  the actor who won many hearts and also was an eight time nominee for the Oscar and an honorary Oscar winner, announced his retirement from show […]

Woody Allen – Retiring? …...

Woody Allen – Retiring? … Not!

by Roger Chartier  6-28-2012 Woody Allen Really was born as “Allan Stewart Konigsberg” on December 1, 1935. Woody spent his life as a writer and comedian as well as producing some great films… oh and he does play the clarinet very well. Today in Paris he replied to a question about retirement soon as “I’m […]